Who is Dattatreya Siva Baba?

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Meet Dattatrey Siba Baba (aka Dr Pillai)

Dattatreya Siva Baba is a scholar mystic originally from India and currently living in the U.S. His interests include academic and experiential dimensions of spirituality, merger of science and spirituality, Vedic astrology, biological evolution of the physical body and its transformation a light body.

Dattatreya Siva Baba is also the founder of Soul Genetics and Mind-Sound Technology. Tripura Foundation is the charitable and humanitarian division of Baba’s organization.

Sharing The Wisdom

For more than two decades, Baba has been teaching people around the world how to change their consciousness and have more joy and prosperity. To help even more people, Baba taught Dr. Wayne Dyer the “ah” meditation and instructed him to share it with the world. Dr. Dyer first did so through his best-selling book “Manifest Your Destiny”, and continues to do so in his teachings so more people can more easily manifest their dreams.

For more than two decades, Baba has also been actively involved in the study of Siddha and Ayurveda herbs for healing purposes. He has sponsored several scientific conferences in Siddha medicine. Later in 2005, he will unveil a set of free educational seminars on how Siddha medicine and meditation, combined with standard medical care, can ease the suffering of AIDS patients.

Baba has privately consulted many leading industrialists and entrepreneurs in their business development and leadership skills over the years. He is currently heading several business projects and is a very hands-on, practical businessman in the computer field with an office in the Silicon Alley section of Manhattan.

In addition, Baba has presented at numerous conferences and shared panels at many universities with Nobel Prize laureates, including Eugene Wigner, of Princeton University. He was invited by and attended the United Nations World Religions conference, where he spoke on Hinduism.

Past Lives

For more than a decade, hundreds of Nadi leaf readings have identified Dattatreya Siva Baba as the reincarnation of four great saints from ancient India:

1. Agastiya, also known as Agastya and Agastyar. The foremost Siddha and author of the Tamil language, as well as countless texts on astrology, alchemy, mantras, sastras, and medicine;

2. Bhismacharya, also known as Bhisma. The unbeatable warrior and well-respected teacher of martial arts during the period of the epic Mahabharata;

3. Manikavacakar, an illustrious Tamil Saint who wrote several masterpieces of devotional lyrics on Lord Siva before dissolving into light and;

4. Swami Ramalingam (Vallalar) – an enlightened Indian saint in southern India who was graced with a light body and continued teaching until 1874 when he dissolved completely into light.

His Core Teachings.

  1. The purpose of life is God realization.
  2. What stands between you and God are the impurities of Maya, Karma and Ego. Maya is the attraction to the world of senses. Karma is the result of the past life in the present. Ego is your “I” and “mine” concepts.
  3. Methods to accomplish God realization:
    a) Selfless Service
    b) Meditation

“I have come to wipe away the tears of suffering in humanity. Use these techniques, combined with Selfless service, to rapidly manifest what you want in life so you can become peaceful and enter into the Golden Age. The human mind is full of anxiety. It will hurt regardless if you are poor, mediocre, or rich. The only lasting means of happiness is selfless service. Selflessness and desirelessness are like two feet with which you walk through life on this Planet. Every action that you do should be tested by selflessness and desirelessness. Then I will be with you and lead you towards God and Enlightenment.”

~ Dattatreya Siva Baba

What is Dattatreya Siva Baba’s approach to teaching and practice?

Selfless service is the centerpiece to Dattatreya Siva Baba’s teachings. It is the quickest way to access his Grace, evolve your own spirit and successfully create material and spiritual abundance through his manifesting techniques. You can experience Heaven on Earth now through the daily practice of Selfless Service and by involving others in this practice.

Living your purpose is another core concept. At the soul level each of us has come to this earth plane to have specific experiences and share our natural gifts with the world in specific ways. Unfortunately, many of us become so focused on the daily demands of living that we forget or neglect that purpose. When you remember it and share it with others you experience a tremendous sense of fulfillment and harmony with Life. When living your purpose also becomes your livelihood, even deeper joy and fulfillment comes to you and through you on all levels.

What is meant by Selfless service?

Selfless service comes from a deeply-held attitude and outlook you have about yourself, your life and your place in the world that gets expressed through your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is about the choices you get to consciously make each day and throughout the day to cause you to live for others rather than just for yourself. It is an outgrowth of being Selfless.

How do Baba’s manifesting techniques work with Selfless service?

Baba says that the primary purpose of money and manifesting is to help others. He has empowered his teachings to work for those who wish to manifest with this intention. It is also important to be able to manifest for the care of your own needs and those in your immediate care. Baba says that will happen as long as you sincerely first ask to manifest your desires for


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