Here is a description of the most powerful mantras for transformation including a clip of each mantra so you can hear it and practice it for yourself.


Quantum Sound Frequency: Om Higgs Boson Aadhi Sivaya Namaha

During April, 2010, at the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza Hotel, Dr. Pillai gave several evening seminars for participants on an Egypt-Israel trip in which he introduced them to concepts from particle physics and related them to MindScience. He said, “Experiencing a particle is going to give you unlimited intelligence.”

In particular, on this trip Dr. Pillai taught a Quantum Sound Frequency for people to use to train their mind in a different way:

Om Higgs Boson Aadhi Sivaya Namaha

Higgs Boson is the name given to the so-called “God particle,” a hypothetical particle which scientists are searching for which would help explain the existence of mass in the universe. The CERN laboratory in Switzerland is famous for particle accelerators and has research funded by many nations for high-energy particle physics explorations, including the Higgs Boson particle.

Aadhi is a Sanskrit word representing the primordial energy, the primeval energy of life.

Sivaya is a Sanskrit term designed to create transformation in consciousness.

Dr. Pillai sees a connection between research into higher energy physics and discoveries in higher consciousness and predicts a time will come when scientists and yogis will work together for practical solutions to pressing issues through a consciousness revolution.

The quantum sound frequency Om Higgs Boson Aadhi Sivaya Namaha is designed to invoke a change in one’s consciousness. With the principle of what we think about we attract towards us, this quantum sound frequency helps open people to what Dr. Pillai is calling Particle Mind.

The Particle Mind is not really the mind principle as we know it. It is very, very subtle. You cannot put your hands on it. The mind cannot conceive of a particle moving so fast. It moves at a rate of approximately a billionth of a billionth of a second!  The ‘non-mind’ willexperience the particle even though this might seem intangible.

He said most people have used their minds only for suffering. It is time to experience a change and to become conscious enough to understand the power within us. Dr. Pillai said, “It is my heartfelt desire that you realize this power within you.”

Dr. Pillai emphasizes that people need commitment and discipline as the mind can wander about and indulge in worry. He instructs people to redirect the mind, to visualize a lion or a sphinx or a lioness or a Narasimha (Vedic archetype of Vishnu with Lion’s face) and repeat silently.

Here is Dr Pillai talking about Higgs Boson:

THIRU NEELA KANTAM- The Karma Busting Mantra  [Pronounced: TEE-ru NEE-la KAN-tum]

What is Karma?

Karma is the law of cause and effect. Karma is life. The subtle frequencies of what is going to emerge into events and opportunities are all stored as karmic impressions; whatever one does or is doing is because of karma.

The concept of karma is very subtle and cannot be understood at a gross level, as generally, we do not pay attention to what course our life is taking. We do not understand the deeper meaning behind most of our actions. We do not have the energies to go into deeper levels of awareness to appreciate karmic impressions.

The first step in understanding karma begins with staying conscious and putting your attention or focus on the throat. Just by this simple exercise you can control a lot of karmic happenings.

We all have in some sense accepted karma; we do not even want to challenge it. Many are stuck in the same job, in the same position, doing the same thing repeatedly. Repeated action and thought is karma. For a person who is free of karma, every moment is new- he/she can create a new event every moment.

Diffusing Karma

The diffusion of karma cannot be done by the mind. That’s the most important thing that we have to understand. Mentally, you can make as many affirmations you want, you can write them down as many times you want, you will end up repeating the same actions and behaviors.

Every one of us is born with a certain mindset, and does certain things. That forms the pattern of their life. We work unconsciously as if we were under a spell. We unconsciously move and work under the same patterns and mindsets.

We are not conscious of our thoughts, actions and behaviors. The influence of karma puts you under a spell that does not allow you to think straight or work effectively.

You need to start with becoming alert to the core. More energy needs to be created to diffuse karma. Dr. Pillai says, “When you become alert, you begin to challenge reality, challenge karma. When you challenge karma, you are not going to accept things as they are. Every minute you are going to be conscious. At no time are you going to be unconscious.”

That is why Buddhism follows a beautiful concept of mindful action: bringing reality into every action, eating with awareness, reading with awareness, working with awareness. But this becomes a tedious task for many. We cannot even bring awareness into our breathing for merely a minute.

As Dr. Pillai puts it, “When you bring more attention, then you become more alert. Then karma will stop. Karma stops because you are waking up to a different dimension of existence, where you are able to see the karma coming forth, and then the attention burns off the karma.”

How to Change Karma?

We always want something more out of life. For some this manifests, while for others, it does not. Again, this is because of karma.

Perhaps you want a better job so you change jobs, but everything stays the same! Perhaps you move from one bad relationship to another? Perhaps you have money worries that never end? Perhaps you have tried most of the techniques that are available, you have even tried affirmations and it has not worked?

In order to manifest anything you want, you must break the old patterns or karma that has been created. Only when you dissolve your old bad karma, whether for money, career, relationship or even health and well-being, you can manifest abundance and all that you want to experience in life.

Here is Dattatrey Siva Baba talking about Karma:

Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivaya Nama

Thiru Neela Kantam is the sound frequency for busting karma. This sound was discovered when cosmic events were created.

This is the story of how the sound came into being… In primordial times, the demons and the gods were churning the ocean of milk (ksherasagara) for the purpose of finding the elixir of immortality (amrutham). The elixir was supposed to come out of the churning of the ocean of milk. They used a snake as the rope for churning. After churning the ocean for a while, the elixir emerged from the ocean, but at the same time the snake vomited poison.

Siva, the greatest being, was watching the whole scene, taking pity on both parties; he picked up the poison and drank it, which stayed in his throat, turning it blue. This poison in the story represents karma, repetitive thought patterns and behavior. Thiru Neela Kantam literally means blue-throat, referring to the time when Siva drank the poison, which got lodged in his throat.

Thiru Neela Kantam is the sound frequency for busting karma. When you wake up in the morning, do the karma-bursting meditation Thiru Neela Kantam for at least three minutes while still in bed.

Chant the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam in the throat while visualizing a blue light.

Later on when you shower, repeat the mantra. After the shower, it is important to take a lemon or a lime (or even a flower) and roll around your head (around the brain area and forehead), throat, neck, shoulders and chest (heart area). As you do this, pass your negative financial karma into the item.

Mentally put the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam into each area of your body. Let the negative thoughts about anything you want to manifest be absorbed by the item. Let the negative karma stored in your throat pass into it. Let your burdens from the right and left shoulder pass into it. Literally let the burden lift off your shoulders. Let any heartache and sorrow about all aspects of your life in your heart pass into it.

** if you use a lemon or lime, cut each one after your roll it to cut the karma. If you uses a flower, do not smell the flower petals. Hold them in your right hand as you do the ritual. Imagine the flower petals have absorbed your past-life karma and present-life karma and then crush them, saying the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam. Then throw these lemons or flowers away and wash your hands. Do not touch them!

Blue is an important vibration. While doing this technique or chanting or meditating on the sound, you have to visualize the color blue. Blue is the color of life and its chakra is located at the throat. Blue also represents the element of air, thus visualization of the color blue helps you vibrate with life.

Here is the karma busting mantra, Thiruneelakantam, recited 108 times. You can chant along with it or use it to accompany the above ritual:

VAYANAMASI- Unlock the Power of Miracles

Miracles are the backbone of every religion. No religious story or myth is complete without being laced with miracles and supernormal powers. These cannot be engineered or doctored by mere human power, as they belong to the realm of the divine.

Be it Jesus, Krishna or the Prophet, all have performed miracles. Jesus himself said, “After I am gone, I will still perform miracles. All you have to do is call my name.” In The Lord’s Prayer there is a reference to the name of the divine: “Hallowed be thy name.” The name of God is hallowed.

In Hindu religion, God’s name is a mantra (quantum sound frequency). Rama’s name is a mantra, and that name is hallowed. To say that name is to bring that divine power into the world and this divine power is responsible for creating miracles.


We are starting to understand the power of nature that is beautifully expressed in the Indian tradition. That power begins with God’s name. In Indian philosophies, one of God’s names is NAMA SIVAYA.

NA represents the element of earth.

MA means water.

SI represents fire.

VA represents air.

YA represents space or ether.

These five elements are God. Without these elements, nothing—neither the world nor the human race—can exist. That is why they are so important.

Scholarly debates and reading of scriptures are of no consequence if you do not understand these five syllables NA MA SI VA YA. If you fully understood them, you would understand the power of God. By understanding them, you imbibe the qualities of these five elements and attain their power. This mantra brings in miracles, as it carries the power of god- the five elements.

Dr. Pillai has discovered a different version of  NA MA SI VA YA, which is VA YA NA MA SI. This is the reverse of NA MA SI VA YA. It is has still the five elements, but the order in which the elements are used is different.

With VA YA NA MA SI, you start with the final element VA (air) and YA (space) so VA YA is placed before the earth element NA and MA SI, which is water and fire. Why? Because we want to vibrate with the air and space so that we can bring about changes more quickly.

Here is Dr Pillai talking about VA YA NA MA SI:

And here is the VA YA NA MA SI mantra, 108 times so you can chant along with it:


What is the Miracle Mantra?

The Miracle Mantra uses a set of powerfully concentrated sounds and images Dr. Pillai assembled specifically for manifesting our material and spiritual desires. Each phrase calls on different potent energies from Dr. Pillai ‘s current and past lifetime.

The Miracle Mantra is especially good to do before sunrise each morning, since this time is considered creation time. The mantra may also be done as many times as possible throughout the day and evening, as your time permits.

If you do not have the necessary materials with you, visualize them as you do the practice mentally.

Place a picture of Dr. Pillai in front of you and show a candlelight to the picture as you recite this mantra silently or out loud:

Om Ilam Valla Madurai Siddhaya
Soma Sundara Rajati Rajaya
Dr. PillaiSri Sivaya Swaha

What do the various parts of the mantra mean and how do I pronounce them?

Om Ilam Valla (pronounced: OM IL-ahm VAH-lah)

Ilam literally means all.

Valla means having the ability to do everything.

Madurai Siddhaya (pronounced: MAH-duhr-eye Sid-DIE-ah): This phrase brings in the energy of all Dr. Pillai ‘s previous incarnations when he came in a human body to demonstrate that everything is possible. Specifically, Madurai is a place in India where Dr. Pillai performed miracles as a Siddha, an enlightened master.

Soma Sundara Rajati Rajaya (pronounced: SO-mah SOON-dar-ah Rah-JHA-tee Rah-JHAY-ah): This phrase references when Dr. Pillai came again to Madurai as a king known as Soma Sundara. This sound will give you the consciousness of a king. The phrase Rajati Rajaya reinforces this consciousness.

Arunachaleswaraya (pronounced ah-roo-NAH-cha-lay-SWAH-rye-ah): Arunachala is a sacred mountain in India that is said to destroy ego and represent Lord Shiva as the element of fire. The entire phrase also refers to Dr. Pillai in his current incarnation as only fire and light.

Namasivaya (pronounced: NAH-mah-she-VAH-yah):  is the ultimate mantra that gives you everything, including controlling the five elements and the five senses.

Dr. PillaiSri Sivaya (pronounced: BAH-bah SHREE She-VAH-yah): Baba dissolves your sins. Sri attracts money. Siva gives you enlightenment.

Swaha (pronounced: swah-HA)

Swaha is a way to invoke or call on the object of your prayers.

Here is The Miracle Mantra, 9 times:


What are the “Ah” and “Ara Kara” quantum sound frequencies?

The “Ah” and “Ara Kara” sounds are ways to work with the creative energies found in Nature and the Universe to help manifest the things you want, whether they are material or inner in nature.

How can they help me manifest what I want?

The “Ah” quantum sound frequency specifically moves the creative energies found in the sex center, located around the area of the sex organs, up into the center located between the two eyes and eyebrows (area of pineal gland). By moving this energy, you shift its expression from creating a baby into creating other desires, such as a home, job or relationship. This is the sound Dr. Pillai gave to Dr. Wayne Dyer to share with the world.

The “Ara Kara” quantum sound frequency specifically references primordial sounds in the Universe for creation and manifestation.

Ara strengthens your imagination. Kara brings out the manifestation into physical reality. Together they call on the primordial energies of creation, fire and material forces.

How can I learn to do use these sounds as a mind process?

Ah Meditation

For the “Ah” sound, sit quietly in a comfortable upright position. You can close your eyes for better focus if it helps. You may do the sound silently or out loud. This sound is about the feeling and expression of joy and joyful creative energy, so enjoy your recitation of “Ah” rather than just doing it mechanically.

To begin, focus on the area around your navel center. Feel the energy as you repeatedly say “aaaaahhhhh”. Continue the sound as you slowly raise the energies from the navel center into your pineal gland. Let the sound penetrate your pineal gland (between the eyes) as you feel the energies in your pineal gland as you continue the chant. Now bring in a visual image of what you wish to create at the pineal gland, as you continue the sound. Then, just enjoy the emotional satisfaction of your manifestation, and end the sound.

Here is one of Dr Pillai’s longest serving students, Mohini, guiding us through the Ah Meditation:

Ara Kara

For “Ara Kara”, simply repeat the sound. While all manifesting relies on joyful creative emotion, for this mind process you are not specifically trying to move your internal energy.

ARUT PERUM JYOTI- Accessing Divine Love, Divine Grace
[Pronounced: AR-RUT PEY-RUM JO-TEE]

Chant this mantra: Arut Perum Jyoti

Here, Dattatreya Siva Baba explains this mantra:

When chanting, visualize grace as a vast light pouring down from heaven. The light comes down. It comes in through the top of your head.

Visualize the vast grace light getting into every cell of the body. Feel the grace of God in every part of you.

Arut means Intelligence. Intelligence is the grace of God. This chant and visualization reprogram your cells. As you continue the chant and visualization, Infinite Divine Intelligence starts to fill you.

Grace fills your mind and purifies it.

Grace fills your ego and purifies it.

The mind merges with grace, and merges with God.

Arut perum jyoti-this mantra comes directly from the Divine. Shiva Nataraj, the dancing form of Lord Shiva, gave it to me when I was Swami Ramalingam in my previous incarnation. I am so happy to give it to you.

As you do the mantra, Arut perum jyoti, visualize white light entering you. Keep seeing the grace light go deeper and deeper into your cells. Try this mantra for 20 minutes.

Here is a recording of Dattatrey Siva Baba chanting this mantra:

OM SADA SHIVOM- Finding the right career

Understanding Career and Karma

Unless you were born independently wealthy, at some point, you have to consider career.

In Sanskrit what you do-whether it is a business or a job-is called karma. Karma literally means action. What you do is karma because karma is performing an action. You are doing exactly what you wanted to do.

If you are not doing anything that means that’s what you wanted to do. You wanted to do nothing. Realize that what you do for a living is karmically determined. Most people will have a job while very few people become independent entrepreneurs.

Am I in the right job?

Ask these questions: Are you happy doing this thing you are doing? Are you making enough money? Is it worthwhile to continue this activity? These are very, very important questions for everyone to ask. The moment you ask this question, you will begin to generate certain impulses within your karmic consciousness.

At least if you begin to ask this question it opens a way to lead you to something else. So I am happy when people honestly consider these questions.

There are sounds to help harmonize you with the right profession.

[Pronounced: SAHDA SHE-VOHM]

Put this sound, Sada Shivom, into all your sense organs by chanting it out loud repeatedly, with eyes opened or closed as follows:

One minute in the right eye
One minute in the left eye
One minute in the right ear
One minute in the left ear
One minute in the right nostril
One minute in the left nostril
One minute on the tip of your tongue
One minute on the middle of your tongue
One minute on the back of the tongue and tonsilsThen put the sound into your third eye, which corresponds with your pituitary.Dissolving Old Career KarmaKeep a calendar. Write out your weekly goals. There are usually four weeks in a month, so meditate on how to make the most of your time.

What options do I have? What can I do? Even asking those questions is worthwhile. The Divine is going to help you. The Higher Self is listening to you. It is going to pop ideas into your mind. ‘Hey, this is not good. Go here, go there.’ You will have guidance from inside you.


This is the mantra that will remove time karma. These sounds will destroy bad time, slow time. Recite this mantra over and over, as much as possible.

Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha
I pray to the God of Time, to give me understanding about time.

Chant with sincerity and deep emotion. You are asking the Divine to condense time for you, to accelerate time for you.

Creating New Career Karma

In addition to working with these sounds, become conscious of how you spend your time. Relate your concept of time to money. That’s very important. When you do these things together (the meditation, and then consciousness focused in weekly goals) you will find miracles happening in your life. But then, you should not get distracted; you have to be really focused on your goals.

Since you are dealing with karma, you may want to listen to the chant Thiru Neela Kantam as often as you can. The Tamil Siddhas called it the “karma-busting” mantra.

You can also use the meditation Ara Kara, because Ara Kara is new karma. The Ara Kara sound was discovered by the enlightened saint Thirumular and is presented in his work Tirumantivam as a tool for manifesting your desires. Be grateful to him for sharing this wisdom that he received from his own meditations.

Your gratitude for each mantra or tool creates an inner connection between you and the world of enlightened beings who have received and passed on these deep wisdoms. This inner connection can greatly assist you. Always be grateful for receiving spiritual knowledge.

So to repeat:

Thiru Neela Kantam destroys karma that you want to get rid of
Ara Kara creates the karma you want to manifest and removes the idea that anything is impossible

Many people have found tremendous things happening in their lives with these two chants. I am so happy to make these sounds available to you because they are so powerful.

Considering Career and Space Karma

Now, I will talk a little bit about space-or place-karma.

Everyone has Space Karma. They hang on to a place and die in the same place. If you change your space karma, there will be tremendous happenings in your life.

What does this have to do with you? If you have lived in a particular city for a long time and if you’ve not had any success, then you might want to move. Make a decision. It’s not going to be easy because karma is very powerful and won’t easily permit you to move.

If you move to another city or another country, you will create totally new karmic impulses. This is very, very important. You will come into contact with different forces.

Regarding Space Karma, I just want to add one more thing. In many spiritual traditions, people go on pilgrimages. Pilgrimages are trips to sites with a great amount of power. That’s why I take people to India to certain power spots. Once they go to the power spots, their karma that is so frozen suddenly begins to become liquid. When it is liquid, you can then change your karma.


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